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Kindred Collective at Kindred Homestead Supply

Organizational Member

Kinship Collective is a shared working space for anyone looking to join a community of collaborative people. Located in the basement of Kindred Homestead Supply, Kinship is based on our values of creating a community of all different types of folk working and growing together.

Everyone is welcome - whether you work in tech from home, or are just looking for a place to darn your socks in peace. We've got the space for you. In addition to the day to day we offer free drop-in days on the First Friday of every month. Our membership options include drop-in pass, punch cards, and monthly memberships. If you are interested in learning more, give us a call (360) 719-0245 or come visit us at 606 Main St. Vancouver.

This is also a great place to hold community meetings. Contact Molly at for more information.

Connect with Kindred Collective at:



(360) 719-0245

Kindred Collective at Kindred Homestead Supply
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