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Call to Artists Vendor Booths
Registration is now Closed

COLUMBIA ARTS NETWORK (CAN) is excited to be part of the first annual Vancouver USA Arts and Music Festival on August 4-6! Presented by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the City of Vancouver, the festival features stages, pop-up galleries, family activities, and food vendors set up throughout downtown Vancouver and Esther Short Park. 


Free and open to all, Vancouver USA Arts and Music Festival (VAMF) is a celebration of Vancouver’s exciting arts community. The festival will draw visitors to Vancouver’s historic downtown and vibrant arts district, growing the city’s creative economy and supporting local businesses.


Learn more about the festival at


Located on the north bank of the Columbia River, in sight of snowy mountain peaks and a vibrant urban landscape, Vancouver, Washington, USA is home to a thriving arts community.


Presented by Vancouver Symphony Orchestra USA and the City of Vancouver, in partnership with Columbia Artists Network and Vancouver Culture, Arts and Heritage Commission. Supported through a generous grant from M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust. Vancouver offers many cultural activities and attractions within walking distance of the festival, including a frontier fur trading post within the 1800s Fort Vancouver National Historical Site.


Vancouver’s newly constructed Waterfront gives wonderful views of the mighty Columbia River as well as award-winning shopping, wineries, and local eateries.


As a partner in the festival, Columbia Arts Network (CAN) welcomes and encourages artists of all backgrounds to apply. We believe diversity enriches the art community and educates us all, sharing our cultures, talents, and our personal histories.


  • Application open: April 30, 2023

  • Deadline: June 30, 2023, by 11:59 pm

  • Selection date: June 1-7, 2023

  • Notification Date: June 8-10, 2023

  • Booth fees: $300.00 for 10’x10’

  • Booth fee deadline: June 30, 2023

  • Booth Selection: July 10, 2023

  • Cancellation for 50% refund: July 10, 2023

  • Booth Assignment & Information: July 22, 2023

  • Load In: Thursday, August 3, 2023, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (See Map on Call for Artist PDF Download)

  • Show Opening: Friday, August 4, 2023, 10:00 am

  • Show Closing: Sunday, August 6, 2023, 5:00 pm

  • Load Out: Sunday, August 6, 5:00 – 7:00 pm

  • Reception: Saturday, August 5, 5:00 – 7:00 pm



Artists must register and complete the application by clicking the button below with an accurate email that will be valid throughout the registration process until the show date. This email address will be used to notify you of your status. Notification of accepted or declined status will be emailed to the email address you use in the application process. Please check your email inbox for all correspondence.

Application Process

The online VAMF Vendor Booth application is located by clicking the button below.


  • Artwork must be original, designed, and produced by the exhibiting artist.

  • All work must be for sale.

  • Artists must be present with their work for the entire three days of the fair. Representatives may not attend in place of the artist.

  • All artists must check in at Vendor Booth Registration upon arrival.

  • Artists may only show work in categories and body of work selected by the Jury.

  • All work exhibited must be of the quality, category, and body of work of that shown in the images juried.

  • Artists are encouraged to prominently display an Artist Statement in their booth during the fair, with the artist’s picture, describing how and by whom the work is made, and the materials used to make the work.

  • Educational information and demonstrations are encouraged but not required.

  • Exhibitors display all works at their own risk. No sponsoring agent is responsible for damage, theft, or loss of an exhibitor‘s property, or personal injury resulting from participation in the Festival.

  • Assistance from festival staff or volunteers will not be available for booth set-up or breakdown.


  • LOCATION: Esther Short Park will serve as the hub of the Festival with activities spanning out from there.  Vendor booths will be located in Esther Park and the walkway between City Hall and the Hilton south of Esther Short Park. 

  • HOURS: Artists are expected to be open: Friday: 12 noon-8 am / Saturday: 10 am- 8 pm / Sunday 10 am – 5 pm

  • AMENITIES: Booth sitting, water, snacks, drive-up booth location for setup and tear-down.

  • PARKING: Offsite parking is available in proximity to Esther Short Park.




  • Ceramics: Original functional or non-functional works created by the artist from clay, porcelain, stoneware, and/or earthenware. 

  • Illustration: Drawing, painting, or printed work of art that explains, clarifies, illuminates, visually represents, or merely decorates a written text, which may be of a literary or commercial nature, including posters. This encompasses original compositions hand-created by the artist using pen, pencil, charcoal, pastel, ink, wax, crayon, ash, painting, collage, and screen printing.

  • 3D Mixed Media: Work that combines multiple materials to form an object intended as a work of art. This category includes the use of found objects, the use of recycled materials, and assemblage to create new forms.

  • Fiber-Decorative: Decorative works handcrafted by the artist from natural and synthetic fiber. Fiber includes basketry, embroidery, weaving, tapestry, papermaking, leather, straw, and fabric.

  • Fiber-Wearable: Wearables are intended as objects of utility, beauty, and art.

  • Glass: Original functional or decorative works that have been handcrafted by the artist by glass blowing, fusing, molding, casting, or kiln forming. Works may be etched or engraved and be of any size.

  • Jewelry: All jewelry must be designed and handcrafted by the artist.  Not permitted: commercial components that are strung or assembled and/or twisted on a wire, with no substantial work done by the artist.

  • Painting: Original compositions that are created by the artist in oil, water-based media, pastel, and encaustic media.

  • Photography: Original compositions created by photographic processes that begin with a camera lens. Prints must be made from the artist’s original negative or digital image and be processed by the artist or under his or her direct supervision. Prints must meet “archival quality” standards.

  • Printmaking: Printed works for which the artist hand-manipulated the plates, stone, blocks, composite reliefs, or screens and which have been signed and numbered in a limited edition.

  • Sculpture: Three-dimensional, stand-alone works incorporating materials that are carved, modeled, constructed, or cast. Media examples include metal, stone, ceramic, hand-built clay, blown glass, and wood.

  • Woodworking: Original functional or non-functional work that is hand-tooled, machine-worked, turned, or carved primarily from wood by the artist.

  • Leather Craft: Leathercraft is the practice of making leather into craft objects or works of art, using shaping techniques, coloring techniques, or both. Work must be handcrafted and hand-stitched leatherwork.


All applicants are reviewed by a Selection Committee composed of arts professionals from varied backgrounds.  Artists for the VAMF will be selected based on originality, personal voice, technical skill, and booth presentation.


Click the button below to download a full copy of the Call for Artists including the Rules and Regulations and Drop off and Pickup Information and map.

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